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Weddings in Depth {so you want to theme your wedding…}

Themed weddings: they are, without a doubt, one of the most polarizing topics in the wide world of the wedding industry. To theme or not to theme? Are themes whimsical OR are they tacky? Ultimately these decisions are made by each individual couple, but what are the elements to consider when making this choice?

First, consider what kind of day you want. Are you aiming for a traditional, formal affair, or do you just want to throw a killer party? For instance, weaving a “Harry Potter” theme into a traditional wedding might be a little tough. However, if you want to include more humor and non-traditional elements into your day, you might me able to pull it off. MIGHT.

If you decide that a theme is a must, there are ways to incorporate it without it completely taking over the day. REMEMBER, ultimately, whatever theme you choose, it is still your wedding, not just a party. It is vital to keep the focus on YOU and your wedding, NOT World of Warcraft (or whatever you are into).

Once you choose your theme, what to keep in mind is SUBTLETY. I cannot stress this enough. Into a band? Show it by making on of their hits your first dance or your tables named after their songs. Just because you love something does not mean it has to dominate every element of the day.

YOU CAN have a lovely, tasteful wedding with a theme! Below are some successful weddings that have varying degrees of theming, and all are still lovely events!


{This first one is an 1980′s themed event in Austen that is full of color and fun. The couple was young, vibrant obviously have a great sense of humor. Little details like the record in the bouquet and the rubics cube bout made for some fun eye candy…and the dress was short (but still white!) You can see more of this wedding here!}


{This is an absolutely adorable travel themed wedding that we featured here on enfianced! The couple has traveled all over the world and used graphics maps and globes as design inspiration and decor. Sweet, simple and very cool.}


{Music and bands are pretty common themes, and these two couples featured on Green Wedding Shoes have done a great job putting together Beatles themed days, while still keeping their cool. Music is such a huge part of some people’s lives that it’s great to able to share that love with your guests.}


{The following wedding took place in a greenhouse, and this couple decided to flow the concept of plants, flowers and gardening through the day. The groom’s tie, the seed favors and the place cards all illustrated the theme. You can check out the rest of this wedding here.}


{An alternative to traditional “theming” is to take one design element or idea and weave it throughout the day. The below are a couple weddings that used fruit as a theme and tied their decor together with it. Red apples are great for creating a Fall mood, pears, lemons and green apples are perfect for warmer months. How cute are those cupcakes? Check out the rest of these weddings here, here and we are featuring the red apple wedding on enfianced tomorrow, so check back!}


{What about streamers? I personally love them, and this wedding full of streamers in a rainbow of colors is SO cheerful! This one is also from Green Wedding Shoes and they used the same decor for the ceremony, reception and all the little details. It is simple, yet SO effective!}


{Finally there are purely color based themes. Obviously, all weddings will have some sort of color story, but by choosing either a bold color combo, or some of your favorites, it suddenly becomes a personal element. The three weddings below had some strong color theming that works so well! It unites all of the details AND makes for some great photography. You can see more of the red/yellow/blue wedding here on enfinaced, see the fab red and black wedding here and check out the yellow and grey prettieness here!}

So now that we have exhausted the topic of themes, what are your thoughts? To theme or not to theme?

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January 31, 2012 - 8:21 pm

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